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The Rope in the Blizzards: Daily Prayer and Sabbath Rest

In this episode, we’re talking securing the rope that guides in the blizzards of life with prayer and rest. In our busy, hectic lives, it’s hard to take a stop and take a breath. What we’ve learned is that ultimately, it’s about trust. Do you trust God to take care of things long enough to take a break? This goes for during our days, when we need to build in those times to come back to the spring of living waters, and during our week, when we need to follow the rhythm of work and rest that God designed us for by taking a Sabbath rest one day each week. We talked about the components that Peter Scazzero thinks needs to be included in the “Daily Office,” the times to stop and pray during the day, and the components of Sabbath Rest.

Four Elements for the Daily Office:

1. Stopping

2. Centering (Calling to mind the presence of God.)

3. Silence

4. Scripture

Four Principles of Biblical Sabbath:

1. Stop

2. Rest

3. Delight

4. Contemplate

Discussion Questions:

1. What is your anchor? Are you putting your trust in a false, moving anchor, or do you have firm anchors in place?

2. How can you incorporate prayer into your day, keeping in mind the four elements?

3. Is there room in your life for Sabbath Rest? What activities that are not life-giving could you let go of to make more room?

4. What needs to change to make your Sabbath more restful and life-giving? Is it a “day of preparation for the Sabbath?” Or saying no to certain activities?

Resources we mention:

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

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