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Into the Light
Reflections for Hope and Healing

Jesus desperately desires a relationship with you. He wants to walk with you day by day, hearing what is on your heart, and offering His healing touch. Into the Light is a collection of 54 reflections on the gospel of John for that very purpose. Enter into His Word in a new way, allowing Him to lead you to wholeness, and more importantly, to a deeper relationship with Him.

He is for you. His love for you is steadfast and strong, and it does not depend on anything you say or do.

How would your life be different if you believed those truths?

"You are not alone: I am with you. I am with you like the sun shining warmly on your back, like the air that you breathe, like the beat of your heart. Close your eyes and listen. Listen to My voice in rhythm with your heart: I am here; I am here; I am here."

- Page 67, a reflection on John 14:15-31

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