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I am a survivor of severe depression and anxiety and a highly sensitive person, both of which provide me with an ability to practice extreme empathy as well as laugh and cry with clients in therapy.  I work with individuals who are ready to engage all parts of their stories (past, present and future) to move beyond their trauma, addictions, anxiety and depression in order to live lives of fullness and abundance.

I have become angered by the way that OCD impacts the lives of my clients and loved ones and have sought to gain understanding and experience in treating OCD. 


I have completed training in ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention), as well as continuing to read any information I can find on the topic.  I also have a passion for treating trauma, with training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and IFS (Internal Family Systems Theory). 

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I draw on my experience raising four young children and being a husband of 10+ years to help others navigate their relationships.  Christianity is an essential part of my worldview and quality of care, and can be a part of our work together to the extent you are comfortable including it.  My work has been life-changing to clients who have healed long-standing wounds, quit pernicious addictions, preserved their marriages and found freedom from their fears.  It would be an honor to work with you and to be your confidant, teacher, and guide in finding happiness and reclaiming your life.

Mark Martinez, LPC

Therapy Session


Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Trauma, and the emotional ups and downs that come with life transitions and difficulties.


I treat adults of all ages and teens. I see clients in individual therapy, as well as in couple and group settings.


ERP, EMDR, IFS, Faith-based Counseling


I accept Cash, Check, or Credit Card. I am also an in-network provider for Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare, UMR, and Cigna.

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Life coaching has become a passion for us as we've seen the impact that a fixed mindset and hopelessness has on our world today.  As we've learned and grown and seen the change in ourselves, our desire to share what we've learned has grown in us as well.  

We want to see more Christians rising up into the people God has called them to be. We want to see them throw off the old self of false expectations, fear, false personas, people pleasing, proving and perfectionism, and step into the new self, the self created to be a light to the world and salt to the earth.  

What could your life be like if you threw

off your fear? 

Have questions about life coaching? 

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We'd love to speak at your event!


We are happy to tailor a talk to fit your group. For inquiries, please Contact Us

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Come Away Retreat

We hosted our first Come Away Women's Coaching Retreat in the summer of 2022.

This retreat includes life coaching, prayer, adoration, Mass, and plenty of quiet and rest. 

It is your opportunity to come away, to rest, and to be restored. For more information, visit the Come Away page here!

  • In person or online, 1 hour session
    60 US dollars
  • Free 30-minute coaching consultation with Katie - phone or video call
  • 50-minute, individual counseling session with Mark, available in perso...
    120 US dollars
  • Supervision to become a Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri


Mark has helped me to change a broken life and failing marriage.  He is easy to talk to and genuine.  I felt safe to lay out my problems and received helpful insight.  I am getting stronger all the time.  Thank you Mark!

Client since October, 2019

Katie has a powerful ability in her public speaking to cut through barriers and negative beliefs. She offers a smooth blend of informative advice and relatable life experiences.  Wrapped in humility, she shares with her audience that she too has experienced bumps, hurdles, and even u-turns on her own messy, yet courageous life journey.  Katie is genuine, wise, and memorably inspiring.

Emily C, MOPS Participant

I started life coaching sessions with Katie after I had made all the progress I felt I could with a counselor but still needed someone on my team willing to talk, productively problem solve, and offer a new light to my thoughts. Katie has encouraged and helped me make my goals clear and has offered practical advice to make life simple and focus on what matters. God is at the center of Katie’s mission, and I say mission because she is so passionate to help others. Her kindness and generosity in the time she invests is incredible. She always offers different resources, action steps, and a summary after each session. Thank you Katie for cheering me on, praying with me, and caring so much.

Hannah M, Client since 2021

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