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Embracing Our Limits

We all face limits and loss that we need to grieve. Part of growing into an emotional adult is learning to grieve biblically and embrace our limits. Unfortunately, many of us were not given a good example of how to grieve as we grew up. We use defensive maneuvers to try to escape the pain, such as denial, minimizing, blaming others, blaming ourselves, rationalizing, intellectualizing, distracting, and becoming hostile. Thankfully, the Bible gives us an example in grieving in the book of Job.

The five phases of biblical grieving are:

1. Pay Attention

2. Wait in the confusing in-between

3. Embrace the gift of limits

4. Climb the ladder of humility

5. Let the Old birth the New, in God’s time.

Resources we mention:

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Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

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