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The Dark Night: Journey Through the Wall

In this episode, we continue our conversation on emotionally healthy spirituality with a very important topic: The Wall. The wall is the emotional and spiritual block we all face. It can be a time of doubt, dryness, or sadness. It has been called desolation by St. Ignatius and the dark night of the soul by St. John of the Cross. What’s important to remember about the wall is that it is something we will all go through, as it is necessary for us to grow in our relationship with God and in our discipleship. We can’t control it, we can’t pray our way out of it. We must persevere in our faith, seeking to learn what God is trying to teach us, and let Him take us through it. We trust that He will bring us through to the other side. Do not be discouraged when you go through walls of your own. It simply means that the Lord wants to grow in greater friendship with you – He is the potter, molding the hard clay of your heart to make it soft and pliable. It can hurt, but He is always with you and always knows what is best for you.

Reflection Questions:

1. Where do you feel like you are on the stages of faith? (1:Life-changing awareness of God, 2:Discipleship/learning, 3:Active life, 4:Journey Inward, 5:Journey Outward, 6:Transformed in Love)

2. Can you identify any “walls” that you have gone through in your life? How did God bring you through them? What did you learn from them?

3. How can you prepare for future walls? (Such as journaling about past consolations, developing a good prayer routine/foundation, etc)

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Resources we mention:

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

Another in the Fire by Hillsong United

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