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Being Enough

You are not the Sum Total of what Other People Think of You

Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth. I speak before thinking or I laugh at awkward times (and too loudly). Or I struggle to find the right thing to say to that person from whom I desperately need approval.

And at the end of the day, most of the time not even aware of it, I sit in this shame of not being enough. I feel a nagging sadness that I can’t shake as the negative self-talk swirls around my brain.

But I don’t have to stay there. You don’t have to stay there.

Because we are not the sum total of what other people think of us.

You, dear friend, are beloved. You are chosen. You are known to the core, and still, you are loved. In fact, that core part of you that feels unlovable? That part you keep hidden from others, even those closest to you? That is the part of you He loves the most.

Let Love be your identity. Don’t settle for the opinions of others. Those are passing. Love loves you. All of you. Even the bad parts. Even the awkward parts. All of you.

If you are struggling to believe this, I’m right there with you. But take a minute, close your eyes, take a breath, and ask Love to flood your soul. Wait in the silence, that quiet moment between inhale and exhale, and let Him whisper your true identity to your heart. Try to believe it, and I will try, too.

May we all come to know who we really are. May we all learn the beauty of being enough.

by Katie

Photo by Paola Chaaya on Unsplash

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